Monday, June 22, 2009


I had many problems with trying to apply textures to static meshes. I scaled the textures correctly in Sketchup, but when importing them into Unreal Editor and applying them again, some would be scaled minutely and others at the correct size. This meant that some textures have been applied to structures and cannot be seen easily. I have explained where they have been applied below.

To the carpet in the bridge, and the
interior of Madonnas building:

The platforms of Obamas building:

To the dining table glass:

To the table of the dining table and the walls of the meeting place.
Edited in Photoshop:
To movers within Madonnas building, and the mover from Madonnas building to the bridge:

To the cushions on the dining table seats:

To the movers from the bridge to
Obamas building, and from the base
of the building to the top of the building:

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