Monday, June 22, 2009

Progress and drafts

Madonna drafts

For Madonnas building, I wsa attempting to create an organic shape, fluid and smooth, and vaguely resembling a female figure. After several tries, the method I used was simply making a flat, curvy shape, joining up the sides with arches, and drawing lines between them to create surfaces.

While this method worked well to create the shape, it was very time consuming and I am not convinced it is the most effective method.

I had many problems when trying to upload my model into UT, without getting holes in the geometry, as can be seen below. This was fixed when I reversed the faces, and changed several of the settings of the texture I was using.

Obama drafts

I decided to change the shape of the Obama building to the one below because I felt that the earlier model was too rigid. I found myself simply trying to copy the facade and structure of American buildings from books. The model I eventually used I felt conveyed more movement, and was a more refined and clean structure.

The model is made up of platforms, reaching out over the entrance and connected by glass blocks which provide an interior space.

The elevator shaft has the double purpose of lending support to the platforms, and providing a space in which the elevator can move. I like the design as it contrasts a more dynamic, scuptural form with the solid, rectangular structures of the rest of the building.

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