Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Scene from Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark, which shows the boulder scene I based my above ground structure on. The uneven wooden stairs and groove in the ground in which they sit is influenced by the crevice that Jones runs though.

Sketchup + textures


Texture applied on glass railing, wooden sides on exterior surface

Texture applied to carpet, glass

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stairs used for sketchup model below


.:Gascoigne:..:Expecting:..:Above ground:.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Fiona Halls Scar Tissue 2005, through the use of video tape for sculpture, challenges the viewer to reconsider old materials as a new medium. The method of hand knitting, as well as the use of video tape to create the suspended objects, are not considered typical for sculpture and questions the audience as to what is thought of as art. In this artwork, it seems Hall seeks to make a statement about the horrific effects of war, which she heightens through the juxtaposition of body parts to childrens characters and toys. The choice of materials and the way they are used adds conviction to her argument, such as the use of a cross shaped glass container possibly representing mortality, and the use of cassette tape to create a link between television and the objects presented.

The method of production and choice of materials, is what makes Rosalie Gascoignes work so impressive and memorable. For Gascoigne, art is not about the artwork dictating the material, but the material informing the artwork. Gascoigne practices what she calls the 'art of looking', whereby the materials used in her artworks are found on rambles through the countryside. These objects vary, and may be weathered wood, parts of fences, or old packaging boxes, but all share the effects of the 'wind and the rain and the sun' in them. It is the effects of nature that give her artworks such texture, an example of which is found in her artwork Untitled, (white cloud). The decaying and weathering effects of the open country on her materials can be seen in the weathered wood, reminiscent of open paddocks and grassland, and the torn masonite depicting a low lying cloud.

Sketchup Round 2 + Stair

Artist: Rosalie Gascoigne (bottom right section, above ground)
Word: Expecting
Material choice: Weathered wood, fence palings, corrugated iron, glass.
Reason: Concern for the found object, materials affected by the wind, sun, and rain.

Artist: Fiona Hall (Bottom left section, below ground)
Word: Dissection
Material Choice: Stainless steel stairs, black stone
Reason: Stainless steel stairs with tapered, sharp edges similar to scalpels and knives, black stone structure referencing the black cassette tape used in Scar Tissue.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sketchup Drafts

Based on image top right, upper: Hall/Interrupting.
The idea of the image is that the watery object is crashing into the solid, heavy building, thereby interrupting its flow. The building and watery addition are represented as opposites; the water part, composed of planes of blue planes of glass on the exterior, and grey in the interior, is shown as flowing and rippling, while the grey granite building is solid, unshakable and steadfast.
Based on image from top left, bottom: Gascoigne/Expecting.

The cylinder enclosing the sphere is made of solid rock, and the dip in the top is a pool filled with water. The comcept is that the walls and ceiling are buckling under the weight of the rock and the water, and someone standing inside the spherical chamber is expecting it to give way at any moment. There will also be curved pillars to accentuate the feeling of heaviness, as well as water running down the interior walls through cracks in the ceiling.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A. My final HSC artwork that was shown at Art Express. While it isn't my best artwork, it's the one I remember most clearly working on; the long hours after school, the trips to the fast food store up the road, and the amount of frustration with having no idea what I was doing.

B. The Sliding House, by dRMM. The outer 'shell' of the house is able to slide completely to the side, to expose an inner 'shell' made almost completely of glass, that provides a complete 360 view of the landscape. Cooking breakfast in your birthday suit is no longer an option.

C. Sunrise from Maroubra. This photo was taken at a time so early I didn't even know it existed! I was waiting at the bus stop to go do some farm prac experience for a previous course, when I noticed this old school car someone obviously cared a lot for, in front of an amazing sunrise. The quality of the photo obviously doesn't do the scene justice.

Fiona Hall: Dissection Interrupting Transient

Moffat: Backhand Rend Red

Gascoigne: Perspective Defying Expectant