Saturday, June 6, 2009

Inspiration + Cool Images

An advertisment for something
Why: Unexpected revelation of the environment
Thomas Herbich
Why: Interaction of the environment with a person
Thomas Birke
Why: Colour contrast

Thomas Herbrich
Why: Movement of small pieces (top of the wave) to create a whole environment, and unexpected material.

Section of a lamb from my previous Animal Science course
Why: shows the complex inner anatomy. Also a bit gross.

Li Wei
Why: Movement and the shapes of the people in space
Herman Churba
Why: Contrast of the organic and inorganic and the relationship between

Jonathan Kitchen
Why: Movement and colourJonathan Kitchen
Why: Shape and destruction
Doris Salcedo
Why: Position of objects in space, challenges what is practical
Doris Salcedo
Why: manipulation of objects to create something new, while still retaining the same structure
Doris Salcedo
Why: same as above

Jonathan Kitchen
Why: Layers to create a whole, different textures and forms of the layersMunoz Villerz
Why: Organic shape

Doris Salcedo
Why: Placement of objects in space, a voice villed with repeating shapes
Li Wei
Why: place and movement of a person in space

Abracadaver-Lauren Brown
Why: Repeating units with a strong colour, arrangement on a vertical surface

Sneaker Burger
Why: Because I love shoes and food :D

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