Monday, June 22, 2009

Final Obama

My design for Obama's building is designed to reflect aspects of power that Obama embodies. The multiple layers of the platforms reflects the different layers both of his persona, and aspects of society he affects, and how they create a whole system.

The texture applied is to enhance the feeling of movement, of moving forward, which I think is an important aspects of the power that Obama embodies; always changing and always moving forward.

The outward reaching platforms enhance this same feeling movement.

The purpose of the shape of the building is to make the person feel intimidated, to feel powerless in the face of such an influential and all encompassing power such as that which Obama weilds. The overreach of the platforms, and the leaning of the glass blocks creates this effect. I wanted the building to be tall to enhance the feeling of power and awe, in the same way that the sails of the Opera House do, as we studied in BENV1080.

The shape of the building also reflects the patriotism of Obamas power by resembling the American flag, where the elevator shafts acts as the flagpole, and the platforms as the stripes on the American flag.

The use of materials, of reflective chrome, of the solid platforms, and the glass structure work to portray the different transparencies and layers of Obama power. Combined with the shape of the building, these work to create the feeling of dynamism and the thrust of the type of power Obama has.

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