Monday, June 22, 2009

Final Dining table

The dining table represents the different types of power that Obama and Madonna embody, and how, if they might act if they were to combine, The table and seating set show aspects of both Madonnas sexual power, and Obamas charismatic, political power through the use of pink cushions and dark grey table as can be seen the above posts.

The table is shaped like a swirl or a cyclone, with the seating placement in the middle. This is reflecting of the power and influence that surround the two client, and how they affect those around them.

The use of the single seat suggests the intimate power relationship that might occur if the two clients were to meet. Both clients are able to sit together in close contact on the center cushion, and recline along the longer cushion next to the glass. The glass would give them a sense of privacy, and is textured with a linear texture to reflect their movement and dynamism.

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