Thursday, June 18, 2009

Obama draft + dining table draft

The dining table has only one seat, the pink cushion in the center, to emphasise the closeness of contact between the two clients, Obama and Madonna. The entire table surrounds them, representative of the social context in which they operate i.e. how parts of the political/entertainment, social, and economic world revolve around them. The glass wall enclosing the table is to give the two clients a sense of privacy, and a moment where they can escape the observation of all that follow their movements.

In Obamas building, I am seeking to portray the control, the dynamacy, and the sheer power that he embodies. The glass is stepped, noting the building codes American skyscrapers had to adhere to in the past, and reflects American society.

The black metal poles on the facade will all eventually penetrate into the building, to join at the base at a single point, either at the base or at the top. If at the base, the elevator will move up through this column of poles to the top of the building where Obamas office will be located. His office will have a view of the atrium where the poles join up, below.

If at the top, the poles with end at his office, and be supported by a central support in which the elevator will move up.

I am having trouble with this building because I have doubts of whether it is too building-like, too simple in shape, or even if it is the path I should follow. Hopefully this with resolve itself very soon.

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