Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lecture 7

The search for knowledge, the distraction by facade and illusion, the cave, and a release into freedom, is what is reflected in my design concept.

The search for knowledge, is reflected in the above image, where the light is a source of knowledge and requires a leap of faith to come out of the darkness. I hope to incorporate in my design, a gap across which the person must leap across into the light. The restrictiveness of the wall behind which the people hide, is reflected what might be a dark interior.

Similarly, this search for knowledge I hope will be represented within my cave structure, whereby the attainment of knowledge is reflected in my floating air structure. I hope to incorporate into my structure, the movement of the person from the interior to the exterior, and into the light, by various different methods and corridors.

The cave, as mentioned in the slide referencing Platos Cave, is reflected literally in my design by the cave structure in the cliff. The texture on the interior of my structure will be reflective of the rock that the cliff is made up of, with perhaps minimal man made materials. Perhaps the use of man-made materials, the amount of lighting, and the complexity of the structure will increase as the person moves towards the exterior from the interior. This is suggestive of a thought process, or the obtaining of knowledge.

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