Thursday, April 2, 2009

Experiment 1 Final Submission

Elevation:Above Ground
Artist:Rosalie Gascoigne

The position of the building structure on the side of the hill is to give the impression that at any moment, the entire building could begin to roll downwards. This is the element of expecting, or expectation. This is heightened by the placement of the stairs in an indentation in the landscape, directly in the path that the building would roll. I wanted the stairs to be intentionally difficult to climb, so that when you climb up them, you are forced to interact with the materials it was made from, such as using your hands for support on the steps. This references the method by which Gascoigne finds the materials she uses in her artworks, by exploring the countryside, and also the hands on and very physical method she uses to construct her artworks.

The building is constructed from weathered wood and corroded materials to reference the material choice Gascoigne shows in her artworks; materials whose texture and form are not man made, but a result of the effect of the elements.

The textures I chose I hoped would reflect the same natural elements of wood, such as peeling paint or warped grain for the exterior texture of the building. I especially like the tree silhouette on the glass used in the interior railing.

Section that the model was based on:

Image 1. View from bottom of stairs
Materials used: Weathered wood offcuts (some painted) for stairs, glass for stairs.
Same texture used on sides of dodecahedron and stairs

Image 2. Side section
Materials used: Weathered wood for hexagonal and pentagonal sides, glass for triangles and inner railing, weathered timber for floor and artwork stand, painted timber for inner stairs. Desk imported from Google Warehouse.
Textures used on inner glass railing, exterior surface of hexagonal and pentagonal sides.

Image 3. Top section
Materials used: Same as before
Textures same as before. Shrubs imported from Google Warehouse

Image 4.

Elevation:Below Ground
Artist:Fiona Hall

Description: The image I based my artwork on, Scar tissue 2005, gave me the impression of something surgical, using shiny, reflective materials, as well as a feeling of heaviness and gloominess. The surgical aspect is reflected in the scalpel/blade shaped stairs, and the metal beams that impale the building and dissect it. The sliced up form of the building also reflects the dissection. I chose dark granite and a dark texture for the cave and building, to reflect the melancholy and possibly hopelessness I found in the artwork.

The stairs, as mentioned before, are built to resemble knife blades. The suspended lowerstairs immediately adjacent to the building reference the suspended objects in the Halls artwork.

The textures I chose are used on the exterior and interior walls of the cave, on the carpet, and on the glass. The water ripple and crimson colour of the carpet references blood and the subject of Halls artwork. The cassette tapes on the desk in the corner of the middle room references the material which this artwork was made up of.

Image 5: Section the model was based on

Image 6. View of stairs leading down into the cave the building is situated in.
Materials used: Granite steps, metal wire off which are hanging corroded metal pieces for balustrade.
Texture used on exterior surface of cave. Trees, shrubs, and park bench imported from Google Warehouse.

Image 7. Rear section of underground studio.
Materials used: Stone granite for structure of building and cave, glass windows, stainless steel/aluminium stairs, stainless steel/aluminium intruding beams,
Textures used for glass, carpet, and interior and exterior sides of cave. Chandelier, desk, shelf, and couch imported from Google Warehouse (note chandelier supposedly model on that from Phantom of the Opera)

Image 8. Side section of underground studio
Materials used: Metal wire supports connecting lower stairs to ceiling structure, stainless steel/aluminium lower stairs, granite upper stairs.
Textures same as before.

Image 9. Interior view of undergrounds studio.
Materials: Carpet on floor, glass window, granite walls
Textures used on glass and carpet. Cassette tapes, couch, person, and desk imported from Google Warehouse

Image 10. View of Upper and lower stairs


Music:Teardrop - Massive Attack
Turn on sound and enjoy!
Link to Sketchup model file:

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