Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sketchup Drafts

Based on image top right, upper: Hall/Interrupting.
The idea of the image is that the watery object is crashing into the solid, heavy building, thereby interrupting its flow. The building and watery addition are represented as opposites; the water part, composed of planes of blue planes of glass on the exterior, and grey in the interior, is shown as flowing and rippling, while the grey granite building is solid, unshakable and steadfast.
Based on image from top left, bottom: Gascoigne/Expecting.

The cylinder enclosing the sphere is made of solid rock, and the dip in the top is a pool filled with water. The comcept is that the walls and ceiling are buckling under the weight of the rock and the water, and someone standing inside the spherical chamber is expecting it to give way at any moment. There will also be curved pillars to accentuate the feeling of heaviness, as well as water running down the interior walls through cracks in the ceiling.

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  1. Hey Asleigh

    you have put alot of thought and precision in you models. You have demonstrated your ideas really well through your model and have come up with a really interesting and unique design. You have not only put a huge amount of effort into the design but you have also thought about: materials, weight and structure. My only suggestions are to make sure that all the unnecessary lines have been deleted. Its also necessary to think about the purpose of the cylinder of water intruding into the building along with the pools surrounding the main structure.