Sunday, March 8, 2009

A. My final HSC artwork that was shown at Art Express. While it isn't my best artwork, it's the one I remember most clearly working on; the long hours after school, the trips to the fast food store up the road, and the amount of frustration with having no idea what I was doing.

B. The Sliding House, by dRMM. The outer 'shell' of the house is able to slide completely to the side, to expose an inner 'shell' made almost completely of glass, that provides a complete 360 view of the landscape. Cooking breakfast in your birthday suit is no longer an option.

C. Sunrise from Maroubra. This photo was taken at a time so early I didn't even know it existed! I was waiting at the bus stop to go do some farm prac experience for a previous course, when I noticed this old school car someone obviously cared a lot for, in front of an amazing sunrise. The quality of the photo obviously doesn't do the scene justice.

Fiona Hall: Dissection Interrupting Transient

Moffat: Backhand Rend Red

Gascoigne: Perspective Defying Expectant

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