Monday, June 14, 2010

Initial Sketches

My initial idea for the art gallery was that of a gallery dedicated to graphic design, magazine layouts, and typographical art. This was derived from my own interest in graphic design, as well as research on curator and designer Willem Sandberg. However as the form of the gallery came about, other types of artworks seemed to grow in the spaces, and the artworks in the gallery branched out into sculpture and installation.

The form of the gallery came about through a desire to have a strong diagonal, and from this diagonal, a strong circulation point. I felt that some form of diagonal, or skewed shapes and lines, were required to add a dynamic to the building that might other wise simply be a long, rectangular box. I felt that such a form would be emphasized given the 30 m site restrictions, the limited solar access, and the narrow width of the site.

I also thought that the unusual shapes of the rooms that would be derived from the the diagonal would be a fun and interesting challenge to work around.

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