Sunday, March 28, 2010

Some further notes on Mothers House

  • The house is an amalgamation of contradictions - simple/chaotic, open/closed, large/small, distorted/regular.
  • Evenly shaped, flat exterior walls suggest closure, but large openings suggest openness and light.
  • Rigidity of interior contradicted by the fact some of the rooms are shaped according to their domestic purpose.
  • House has awkward spaces and elements e.g. central stair that narrows, second storey stair that goes nowhere, and fireplace that is too large.
- Schwartz, Frederic ed. (1992), Mother’s House: The Evolution of Vanna Venturi’s House in
Chestnut Hill, New York: Rizzoli; p. 30 - 32

Progress photos:

Sean sacrifices his finger for the project:

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