Monday, May 11, 2009

Madonna + Miuccia Prada + Barack Obama = Mash Up

She's a phenomenon rather than a deep creator.
He is revelling in presidential power and influence unseen in Washington for decades. She never follows anyone else's lead, just her own original energy.

I think it's about power.

As always, Madonna must be in control. Not only is it his moment, it is a level of influence and power for a president to stay leader of the pack. It could give the Democrats unfettered authority, unafraid of a good fight. And more often than not, she wins. "I'm sorry, this is not a democracy."

In the elusive search to be a celebrity, she never follows anyone else's lead. While Obama is personally popular, her power, first manifested in the minimal black nylon backpack draped over every influential arm in the '90s, also became incarnate in Sex.

If he handles it right, she exhibits, explores, and displays it. With power comes the occasional stroke of luck giving him a highly charged sexuality, political capital to undertake big challenges. She exhibits, explores, and displays it, and feels no compunction about doing so publically. She also realises it can be very profitable; completely an expression of herself.

Unfettered authority. Certainly there is no shame, and there has never been, fear and power do not peacefully coexist.

Make something beautiful with it.

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